Saturday, April 2, 2011

Random Quotes

With the return of my blog comes a new semi-regular feature: Random Quotes. These are quotes from my best buddy Bobby and me when we get together during our off time. Keep in mind, these quotes are often alcohol induced.

"Hosni Mubarak's love humus"-Me

"It's the new STD beer: Herpenbach."-Bobby

"F**K John Quincy Adams!"-Me

"Major Mapleleaf is everything you would expect a Canadian superhero to be: Terrible."-Bobby

"How DARE you pray for me! Take that back!"-Me

"You're like Comic Book Guy, except for football!"-Bobby

"I took your idea, had sex with it, and made a baby called 'Fun.'"-Bobby

"I was ready to punch someone before I even got out of my car this morning."-Me

Welcome Back

Like a husband who crawls back to his wife after he gets tired of the sexy, young chippy he was dating, I've returned. I'm sorry. Can I move back into the house?