Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blogging On The Office

After reading Dave Barry's hilarious blog posts about the tv show 24, I came to two conclusions:

1. Dave Barry is infinitely funnier than me.
2. I should blog about some of my favorite shows too.

One of my favorite shows (definitely my favorite network sitcom at the moment) is The Office.

DISCLAIMER: I don't want a bunch of you British people coming here with your crooked, yellow teeth and saying things like "You dumb, sloppy American, the British version is SO much better." You know what? We kicked your ass at Bunker Hill, so lick it, you Mr. Bean worshiping idiots!

Tonight's episode was part 2 in a two part series (which, in retrospect, isn't the best time to start blogging). Anyway, the story picks up with Michael and Pam going to the Nashua branch of Dunder Mifflin so that Michael can give a sales lecture, and see old flame Holly (who was transferred to Nashua after The Man at corporate discovered that she and Michael were dating).

Meanwhile, back in Scranton, we continue the subplot of Dwight and Jim making plans for Kelley's birthday party. Also, a new subplot was introduced involving Angela and her cats.

In Nashua, Michael discovers that Holly has a new boyfriend, and he leaves Pam to finish the sales lecture...Which is not the best idea considering she's a receptionist and not a salesman. Holly, meanwhile, is at an HR retreat, so unavilable to speak to Michael. Michael sneaks to her cubicle and, after using a pair of scissors to steal a sleeve from a cardigan that Holly left behind at her desk, finds a saved file on Holly's computer called "Dear Michael..." Obviously an email she never had the guts to send. He steals it with a flash drive.

Back in Scranton, Angela has rushed back home because sheobserved her cats misbehaing on her work computer's cat cam. When she arrives home, her coworkers watch her on the catcam as she bathes her cats with her tongue...That's right...I said her tongue! At the same time, Jim and Dwight offer Kelly options for a birthday present: Either an hour of tv, or a one hour nap at work.

The episode closes with Michael and Pam debating the ethics of reading the message that Michael stole from Holly's computer. Pam said it would be ok if she read it, and told Michael what the message said. She reads it, and tells Michael that Holly still has feelings for him.

Now, I'll close the blog with random observations I made during the show.

OBSERVATION: Angela's actually smiling. It must be Bizzaro Angela!

OBSERVATION: Cat Cam! Available at Brookstone.

OBSERVATION: Dwight is like a little Neo-Fascist hobgobblin.

OBSERVATION: Dwight and Jim are like Butch and Sundance from Hell.

OBSERVATION: Holly has a new boyfriend! Dun Dun Dunnnnnn!

OBSERVATION: Cat Porn Cam! Available At Naughty Pet Smart

OBSERVATION: Everyone in the office is watching kittie porn...Perverts

OBSERVATION: The Nashua branch is a hotbed of ugle people.

OBSERVATION: Angela is the real life Cat Woman! No wonder she's so evil.

OBSERVATION: Oh, Dwight did NOT just badmouth triceratops!


  1. I actually saw the British version a few years before it came out here. It is pretty funny but one of the characters had this cockney accent that I couldn't understand to save my life. I don't get people who don't think this show is hysterical. I guess they can't help their intellectual inferiority.

  2. People who don't like The Office are probably people who join Facebook.

  3. That's funny. Yes, you're probably right.