Sunday, February 8, 2009

Things Are Gonna Happen To Me Now!

So, here I am. After running across this site and realizing that you're basically already a member here if you're a member of Gmail (and I always love a site that requires me to do a minimal amount of work when registering), I figured I'd give blogging a try.

So...Here's my first entry. At the moment, I'm sitting at home in my robe, and have no idea what I should type up here. I'm usually a font of witty asides, and random knowledge. Tonight...not so much.

Don't worry, though. I'm sure by the time I wake up tomorrow (probably just minutes before it's time for me to leave for work), I'll come up with an idea for an excellent post. Then I'll have to wait until the end of the day to come back here and type it up. In the meantime, I'll be at work. I'll probably be so busy there, I'll forget what I wanted to type up. Then I'll come back here after a hard day at the office and have NOTHING to write...again.

It'll be a viscous cycle until finally I go crazy and have to be sent up-state to the "funny farm," which is right next to what used to be the leper colony (seriously,there's a town here that is home to the state nut house, and used to house one of only a few leper colonies in the US). Then I'll sit there constantly staring out the window and muttering things like "The squirrels steal my luggage in springtime."

Anyway...take care. I'll talk to you all soon...Or I'll be caught with a butterfly net, and taken away by the men in the white coats.


  1. You know, you could probably get some great material from the "funny farm". I'm just sayin'...

  2. True. However, there are two problems with that scenario that worry me:

    1. Internet access for patients is more than likely limited. That would make blogging hard.

    2. I'd constantly live in fear of The Chief smothering me with a pillow and escaping through a window.