Monday, March 1, 2010

Twitter Thursday On A Monday

There used to be an old radio DJ that I loved. He went from doing a morning show to an evening shift. In the radio world, that's the equivalent of a demotion, but he rolled with it pretty well. He started doing announcements on the station he was on saying, "Did you hear? I'm doing my morning show at night!" This is just a long, rambling way of saying that I I'm doing Twitter Thursday on Monday because I've been to busy (ie. Lazy) to post Twitter Thursday for the last couple of weeks. So here's two weeks worth of Twitter wisdom for you.

Ok...In retrospect, maybe "The Grapist" was not the most politically correct idea for a grape soda mascot.


  1. Might just have to change that America is better than Canada one...

  2. Ha! Yeah. Though my response to yesterday's game was "Canada beat the US at hockey. The US still beats Canada at everything that matters."