Sunday, May 31, 2009

Blog Droppings

Things I could probably extend into full-length blogs if I had enough booze.

Man Vs. Beast

If I could punch just one species of animal in the face, it would probably be a dingo.

Planet Of The Apes

A world ruled by monkeys? Impossible! I mean, I could see a world where they have voting rights, but absolute rule? No thank you, sir!

Jolly Good Intercourse, Love!

Wouldn't Sir Loin be a great name for a British Porn Star?


Would Mr. T pity me as a fool if I told him I didn't really care for The A Team?

Reach Into Bob's $500 Pocket And Claim Your Prize!

Bob Barker admits that he was once asked to do porn. Gives a new meaning to the game "Hole In One, or Two."

Check The Stats

The truth is that thirty-six percent of all statistics are made up. Sixty-four percent of the population realizes that.

Who Turned Out The Lights?

It's a shame that Stevie Wonder will never live to see an African-American president.

Tune Out, Turn Off, Etc, Etc.

When did the History Channel become the "Truck Driver, And lumberjack Channel"? Also, when did the History Channel start to suck?


  1. You know there must be videos of Bob Barker and his beauties floating around somewhere. I wanted to be one of Bob's Beauties when I was growing up. Turns out, I aimed too high.

  2. It's funny to watch the Beauties now because they seem to barely tolerate Drew Carey.

  3. Oh, the possibilities for a porno version of The Price is Right.

    Candy Hotson, GO ON DOWN!

    Plinko, you bet!

  4. I've been browsing through your posts - and damn man! You're hilarious!! Thanks for all of the laughs this afternoon!!